Always-on live streaming app for a new generation of broadcasters

Firetalk, a New York-based live-broadcasting service available on desktop and iOS devices, is adding both a subscription option (dubbed the “members only” plan) and a transactional option (“pay-per-stream”) to its offerings. Broadcasters can earn a living through real-time, authentic interaction with your audience. Preachers, teachers, athletes, moms, activists, columnists, politicians, celebrities, comedians, gamers and everyone else are welcome to live broadcast and engage through Firetalk.


Features that makes Firetalk outstanding are...

  • Guest mode

    The Guest feature allows broadcasters to invite viewers on-air with them. It is a great way to hold interviews or meet and reward your most engaged fans.

  • Pay Per View mode

    Pay-Per-View Events allow you to host live broadcasts for any type of gathering. Live stream conferences, demonstrations, office hours, and concerts for a fee as low as $1, and keep up to 80% of revenues earned.

  • Subscriptions

    Members-Only is a paid subscription service that allows broadcasters to request a one-time fee for their ongoing content. It is a great way to create more intimate communities within a larger fanbase and to give specialized attention to the most dedicated fans.

  • Screen sharing

    Screen Sharing makes it easy to share a website, file or external application with your live viewers. This feature is great for webinars, tutorials, process work, and more, without the hassle of secondary programs.

  • Payments distribution

    Part of funds comes to the Firetalk itself; everything else comes to a broadcaster. Implemented the refund feature, remember-my-CC and on-plan settings.


  • AngularJS

    The whole website is just a SPA!

  • Node.JS

    Speed and concurrency.

  • ActionHero framework

    Framework that designed to handle different and non-consistent web actions.

  • Stripe

    Handling difficult stripe structure and incomings distribution.

  • WebRTC

    Basic technology. Using OpenTok as a high-level solution, we used WebRTC for implementing stable multi-broadcasting to unlimited audience.

  • Redis

    Handling real-time chat with any number of users.

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