The easiest way to schedule customers and send appointment reminders from anywhere

Visibook is instant, simple, and dynamic appointment booking. This app is intended for physical trainers, acupuncture, massage, music teachers, therapists, event planners. Why businesses choose visibook: simple client scheduling tool, customers book their own appointments, automatic appointment reminders, personal calendar integration, overlapping appointments, chat with customers.


How we make visibook an outstanding app

  • Payment processing

    The payment processing feature allows to handle transactions from various channels such as credit cards and debit cards for merchant acquiring banks.

  • Automatic text message reminders

    The message reminder feature allows to make sure your booked customers don't forget their appointments.

  • Integrated messaging

    The chat with customers feature allows to text, message or email your clients. Stay connected in one organized place.

  • Simple client scheduling tool

    The scheduling tool allows to share your calendar URL. This tool will book and remind customers.

  • Google calendar sync

    The calendar sync feature allows to manage your work schedule as well as other parts of your life.


  • Meteor

    Meteor is the perfect solution for those looking to build real-time applications. It is real-time by default, known as “full stack reactivity”.

  • Mailgun

    Powerful and quickly scalable APIs that enable to send, receive and track email effortlessly, whether you need 10 or 10 million emails.

  • Bootstrap 3

    Creating mobile ready websites is a breeze with Bootstrap thanks to the fluid grid layout that dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution.

  • Google Calendar API

    The Calendar API lets you integrate your app with Google Calendar, creating new ways for you to engage your users.

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